Hop Harvest is well underway, which means it’s probably time to surrender the citrus seltzers for something that pairs a little better with flannel.

Each year, we make the short (4.5 mile) pilgrimage to The Hop Yard to hand select the freshest batch of hops, straight from the picker, and destined to enter the kettle in mere hours. After a short wait in the fermenters, STRIG FRESH HOP IPA is canned up and ready for fall.

This year, The Hop Yard has delivered another sticky, savory, and pungent crop of local whole-cone Nugget hops for our annual batch of Strig Wet-Hop Autumn Ale. Fresh from the field, today we harvested over 80 lbs of fresh Nugget hops and hauled them straight to the brewhouse to combine with the wort of our annual wet-hop offering.

This year’s Nugget hops are teeming with orange-citrus zest and an abundance of dank pine and stonefruit. We’ll filter the entirety of our wort through a fresh bed of whole cone hops on the way to the fermenter, carrying the punchy aromatics through to the end of fermentation, showcasing the unique character of local Nugget hops and the quality of Southern Maine’s terroir.

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